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On the Eve of 28

Flipping through a journal from a few years ago I came by this birthday eve entry written at the Wayside in Rockaway Beach where we lived in 2004.

dawning of a new day - on the eve of 28. i thought by now i'd be married with a house and 2 kids. I was 18. In my early 20s I worried that may never happen. And now, on the eve of 28, I know that it all happens in its own good time- I attract the experiences i need to take me to new levels of awareness and dimensions of understanding. On the eve of 28 I know to trust myself and that I am greater than my mistakes, regrets and shortcomings because all have contributed to the whole I am today - a work in progress. I've learned you can fall in love with the place you hated by a shift in attitude and suspension of judgment. I've learned that angels wear flannel and drive old trucks - and some have a penchant for cheap, domestic beer. I've learned that at the end of the day it doesn't matter who did the dishes last and that mom was right, you sleep better knowing you'll wake up to a clean kitchen sink.

I've gone from trading cigarettes and magazines to recipes and cleaning tips but I've never doubted or forgotten the circle of girlfriends that pull me in from the edge on days I could just say to hell with it all - and who celebrate my tiny triumphs and daily dramas - whatever they may be. On the eve of 28 I've learned that it's true no one cares what my GPA was and I've learned that friendship is a commitment you have the right to chose carefully.