Refrigerator Juice & Cracker Bar Soup
Moving in the direction of our dreams ... literally.

Will you join me in passing on the gold?

Man, oh, man (as Sam would say) you guys would not believe the way God is showing up in my life these days. I mean, I know this is nothing new but sometimes it's just hard not to notice how awesome it is.

My March column ran today:

I finally got my professional blog dialed back in. My comeback post: a Tale of Two Blogs

And, my favorite part, I'm officially launching my "Passing on the Gold" movement today ... join us on Facebook if you agree it would be a cool thing to do. It's this simple: if you see a parent doing something you respect, tell them. Then, if you wish, there's a place on our Facebook page where you can share how it went.

Perhaps most incredible both boys are napping as I type this.


It'll be like a little reward for their cooperation, besides the fact that they deserve three squares and a couple snacks a day.