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I {heart} Grocery Outlet



As you likely know, we are big fans of Grocery Outlet Bargain Market and were so excited to get a brand new one up the street from our house.

A few things you should know about shopping at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market – if you love it, stock up … it might not be there next time. Yes, that kind of sucks but the deals are too awesome to focus on that.

Secondly, you might have to make a second stop to get more produce or the exact items on your list … GOMB is better for your basics, goodies, random deals and ideal for people willing to base meals around bargains.

My favorite deals from yesterday:

cutie mandarins – a big bag for 2.99

Drew’s organic fizzy tea (Sparkling green tea) 3 for $1

Organic whole wheat elbow macaroni – 99 cents a box

And these frozen Ocean Market Wild Alaskan Mediterranean crusted salmon, packs of 2 for $4 (ish – I can’t remember, it was $4 or less per box)

(Two boxes feeds my family of 4 for two nights … my kids eat more than you might believe … First night is usually the salmon steaks with the boys splitting one between them. Second night, I split the leftovers into tacos).

Happy bargain shopping! You should know that I’m in no way affiliated with Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, just a fan. If they wanted to sponsor my blog … well, I’d be honored.