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Getting down to business


You know what’s awesome about only having 39.8 pounds to lose? Finally being out of the 40s that’s what.

But what’s even more exciting is the reason I only got 5 hours of sleep last night: I finally got enough stuff sorted out to begin working on my book Raising the Hardy Boys so, so excited.

Many of you know, I’ve been planning this for awhile but it took some time to get all of my journals, blog entries and pictures together – still culling all of that but it’s all corralled in one place because I am now an organizing dynamo thank you Rachael with Neat Street Organizing.

Speaking of sorting out, as I begin to really picture what I want for this book to be I’m coming up with more questions than answers. That’s part of the process, I know but I am curious to get my reader-friends’ input on some of this stuff.

I’ll be asking most of my questions on my Facebook Page, I hope you’ll “like” me and chime in.

For now I’ve got this:

The basic premise of the project is putting together a collection of six years of my columns. But as I go through my blog and journals it’s shaping into something bigger than that.

Right now I’m wondering if as readers you would like to see the columns only as they were printed or with edits made to them? And, I’m also thinking of adding footnotes or “off the record” notations.


Always grateful for your sharing your time with me on here,

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