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Kindergarten, check

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And then a year happened.

At first I wanted to insist Sam cooperate with me to get “a better picture.”

But really, this is a perfect, accurate reflection of reality.  He was so not down with this clever idea of wearing the same outfit he wore on the first day. He did not care that it was trending all over Pinterest and Facebook. He just wanted to get out the door already. Also, the pants so did not fit. And he’d outgrown his new shoes by November.

Note to self for next year: do not blow school clothes budget so early.

In some ways that first day of school seems like such a long time ago, in other ways this year was a blink.

This has been such a huge year of change for our family and I’m so thankful to have some record of the little things marking our journey … personally and as a family.

Here is Sam back in September rocking his first day of school outfit, carefully selected and coordinated by himself.

And, there’s Jake not really sure what is going on but he’s got a backpack too, so it’s all good.

2013 09 04_3477

I hope I never forget this moment:

Mama, I want to hold your hand for this part..

Especially because it may never happen again. Sam suddenly said “I want to hold your hand for this part” as we rounded the corner toward the main entrance to school. It did look bigger somehow. I tried to be cool. He needed me to be cool. But I wanted to be all THIS IS MY BABY!!! LOOK OUT FOR HIM, PEOPLE! Instead I said, “you’ve got this, bubba. I know you do.” But inside, you know… … this is my baby!!!

By June we were rolling like this:


I’m in the way back trying to keep up. First they couldn’t ride bikes, like in January Jake couldn’t at all, and now I’m beating feet to keep up. Also, the outfits got a little more … casual. The coordination was more like this: pants, check. Shirt, check. Two matching shoes, check. Helmet, let’s go.

At the end of the year the kinders got to eat lunch in the cafeteria as practice for next year.

Sam came home after that and reported he was: “ready to be a real grader.”

Congratulations to my little grader. You’ve arrived.

Want to know what happened to Giraffe?

He went to Kindergarten almost every day tucked in Sam’s backpack.

2014-06-05 12.25.382014-06-05 12.25.48

Until the very last week of school when, at the corner before school, Sam asked Jake to carry Giraffe back home so he could “hang with Zebes.” And there’s Jake no longer tentative … and more … like a boss.