Say it to my face. Wait, no.
Is my bulimia showing?

Have we met?

Have we met? Like ever in the history of before? Or perhaps I sent you an email the one time? An email about say, something you had posted on Craigslist or perhaps I once applied to work at your company?

Possibly you work for a customer support company at Amazon or any of the other companies I’ve interacted with since I had an email account?

Maybe we dated briefly but haven’t talked since we broke up?

Maybe we were really close at one point and have lost touch over the years?

Maybe we were never close at all and continued an awkward friendship because, well, awkward?

Have we not spoken since we stopped being friends after That One Night (there are more than one of those, so pick whichever one applies).

Well, Dear People I’ve ever emailed—even just the one time—you heard from me this week in a short, personalish email where I address you by name announcing that here after all this time the only thing I really have to say to you is that:

“I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”

Funny story though. I didn’t have a professional network on LinkedIn until I spammed all of you with that little gem.

Okay, yes I guess I did have a dud account I’d once started a couple years ago in response to a request such as this one from a friend.

Periodically I’d get an “invitation to connect” and would drop down a rabbit hole of trying to remember my password or my email (It’s 2014 and we haven’t found a way to narrow down which one is wrong?!) Twenty minutes later I’d move on, cursing LinkedIn and committed to ignoring future requests.

Until this week when I got one from my friend Debi and thought, you know what? It’s time to figure this out. So I created a new one. Fooled you, LinkedIn. And then, turnabout being fair play and all I was tricked, or more accurately I failed to understand the prompt and said “yes” when I should’ve said “no.”

(Why yes, many of those That One Night stories start with that exact same decision-making process.)

Oh, and then there are my friends and family who were wondering “what’s with the weird email?” Or my dad who reminded me he’s not into all this social media business.

I have a bit to learn myself, clearly.

In fact if you really do want to hook up connect link up, and you search Nathalie Hardy – you’ll see two accounts for me. Let’s pretend the one with me in a swimsuit, on a beach, does not exist. It doesn’t take a social media expert to know that’s a picture for My Space Facebook, not LinkedIn. Of course, I can’t delete it because of the aforementioned problem.

Minus the lame feeling that I reached out to a bunch of random people, it was actually fun connecting with some long lost names and faces.

Also, after poking around the site a bit, I get it now. LinkedIn is pretty cool.

So, for those who have long advised me to get a LinkedIn account. Done.

If you are one of the 38 people I’ve ever met who didn’t get that email and would actually like to connect there, here’s the link.

And I’m totally not going to take it personally that with all those emails I have just the 106 “connections.”

Nope, not going to let that get to me at all.

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