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September 2005

To blog or not to blog

I've wanted to have my own blog since last year when my friend Rosie asked if I'd seen hers. I had to admit I had no idea what she was talking about. In true form, I kicked it around my brain, transferred "learn how to blog" from to-do list to to-do list month after month until finally I talked myself out of it because: I didn't know all the rules, I'm not really good at computers, what if no one reads it? What if people read it and realize I somehow missed all punctuation lessons ever taught from Kindergarten through college and I still call myself a writer, a journalist even! Queen of the Comma Splice, that's me.

So with all the negative-creep fears rolling through my mind, I'd put it off for a long time. And then I saw it. This perfect notebook. As a dedicated paperwhore, I had to have it. And I need another notebook like I need a spare stapler, so I had to come up with just the right use for it before I could buy it. (I know I'm not the only one who makes deals with myself standing in checkout lines.) And then, the blog was born. Nathalie's Notes. And this would be the notebook recording seedling ideas to explore in a blog. Questions to explore with my blog community. Did I know anything about blogs? Nope. But I'm willing to learn as I go since that's kinda how this life thing seems to be working anyway.

The "why not blog" was easy: fear. All the what-ifs and the part of me that still feels like the shy new kid on the bus getting "ranked on." It's the "why blog" I'm interested in. As a writer, I really need practice, feedback/constructive advice from a supportive community and of course deadlines. Against my natural inclination I'm setting one, small goal. At least one post a week. I need to put myself and my writing out there. Even though I've done it for more than a decade, it's different in newspapers. My byline was out there but it wasn't personal writing. So, a little nervous, mostly excited, I present Nathalie's Notes - my first post. Rewritten twice since I forgot to save it before clicking somewhere else to learn what track backs are.