All that matters
A bug in my stomach

Glad you were born Ya Ya

Yaya_meet_mac_1 Happy Birthday Ya Ya!

When Christine and I read The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, we understood exactly what a "YaYa" was because we'd discovered one in each other.

To put it simply, a Ya Ya is the kind of friend that talks you off the ledge and takes you out for a movie made for teenagers that you secretly desire to see (typically featuring such actors as Lizzie McGuire, Linsey Lohan and yes, I'll admit it, Brittney Spears).

A Ya Ya is someone you can count on to be a neighbor, even when you're 80 miles apart. A Ya Ya is someone who will visit you in the hospital, help you speed clean your house and sit and bullshit for hours. A Ya Ya is someone who seeks to understand you and allows you to understand them. A Ya Ya is the kind of friend you just know you will grow old with, no matter what lies ahead. Partly, of course, because they know too much.

Scrapbook_conventionChristine and I met at the Cabana. Sounds more exciting than it really is. It was the lunch room (complete with umbrellas, and glass topped patio tables) for employees at the newspaper we worked at. She'd just started working there and my friend Raelene and I were having lunch when I noticed the new girl flipping through a scrapbook magazine. It was pretty much a done deal after that. Here we are, left, at the Scrapbook Convention. Oh, yeah - a Ya Ya is also someone who steers you toward food when you're on the verge of a major meltdown.

I can't imagine life without ya Ya Ya and I wish you a happy, healthy and awesome year ahead.