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Thankful for ...

As I recover from a whirlwind weekend, it dawns on me that I didn't ever stop to consider my blessings and express gratitude for them. Even during the Thanksgiving grace, I was more focused on how lovely the table looked, how great the food smelled and how I wished I had an IV drip of sugar-free Red Bull. So ... as I sit here relaxing and waiting for the Desperate Housewives hour I'd like to take a few minutes to focus on how blessed I truly am. When I say "relax" what I mean is wait for the laundry to dry, balance the checkbook, and make a list of the things I should've done that I didn't get to. Back to my blessings -

  • A wonderful, loving, affectionate and fun husband who works hard to ensure our long, happy life
  • A family who loves me and does their best to stay in touch and keep connected despite the distance between us
  • A home of our own
  • An awesome job
  • Friends I couldn't imagine my life without
  • The kindness of strangers
  • My health (who needs an appendix anyhow?)
  • Love. Love. Love.
  • Blessings yet to come

Flying_uncle_matt_2_1 Thanksgiving_hardys

Flying_uncle_matt_3 Flying_zoe_2

What words can't say

Nat_on_robutussen Still sick - broke down and got a bottle of Rubutussen to help me sleep through the night yesterday. Overdosed on purpose to help me sleep through the night. One of our students committed suicide this week and the trauma, fear and despair it unleashed is hard to bear. I nearly crawled under my desk and bawled after the fourth parent yelled at me for not being able to answer their questions or get an administrator to talk to them, as they were all in a meeting determining the best course of action to notify the children. How do you explain to a small child that the person who taught them how to play the piano won't be able to do lessons tonight because they've hanged themselves? What do you write on a card to the mother who found her son, dead  by his own doing? What words do you use to comfort a teacher who's last interaction with him was to remind him about the school's public displays of affection policy? The teacher who will never forget the grin he gave her, the smile in his eyes when she teased him about it.

A bug in my stomach

Still in a theraflu-induced fog - it has something to do with being surrounded by these darling little germ carriers called students. Really, they are cute. And the most popular thermometer reading the past few days has been 100. So, one "overheard" just real quick and then I'm back to bed.

Overheard: First grade girl comes to the office - wide-eyed and says she feels sick to her stomach. She points to it and says "I don't know if she was joking, maybe - but my mom said I had a bug in there."

Glad you were born Ya Ya

Yaya_meet_mac_1 Happy Birthday Ya Ya!

When Christine and I read The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, we understood exactly what a "YaYa" was because we'd discovered one in each other.

To put it simply, a Ya Ya is the kind of friend that talks you off the ledge and takes you out for a movie made for teenagers that you secretly desire to see (typically featuring such actors as Lizzie McGuire, Linsey Lohan and yes, I'll admit it, Brittney Spears).

A Ya Ya is someone you can count on to be a neighbor, even when you're 80 miles apart. A Ya Ya is someone who will visit you in the hospital, help you speed clean your house and sit and bullshit for hours. A Ya Ya is someone who seeks to understand you and allows you to understand them. A Ya Ya is the kind of friend you just know you will grow old with, no matter what lies ahead. Partly, of course, because they know too much.

Scrapbook_conventionChristine and I met at the Cabana. Sounds more exciting than it really is. It was the lunch room (complete with umbrellas, and glass topped patio tables) for employees at the newspaper we worked at. She'd just started working there and my friend Raelene and I were having lunch when I noticed the new girl flipping through a scrapbook magazine. It was pretty much a done deal after that. Here we are, left, at the Scrapbook Convention. Oh, yeah - a Ya Ya is also someone who steers you toward food when you're on the verge of a major meltdown.

I can't imagine life without ya Ya Ya and I wish you a happy, healthy and awesome year ahead.

All that matters

Friends_cardWhen you get right down to it, the connections we make -  our relationships - are all that matter. The rest of life here - taxes, bills, deadlines, traffic, mold rings in toilets - just details and small fries compared to the people that matter to us.

I consider myself blessed with awesome friends and often marvel at the different personalities and types of relationships I have with people I adore. If friendship is a garden, mine has fertile soil filled with lots of forget-me-nots.

On this stormy Saturday evening, I wanted to write but struggled to find a focus. I turned to my box of  "Inner Outings" (The diarist's deck of 33 cards and book of exploration) and drew this card: Friends.

Perfect. The topic has been pinging around my brain for weeks. What makes a good friend? What do I do to be a good friend? I think we can all agree that friendship doesn't just happen, you have to nurture and culivate it - (again with the garden metaphor, I know).

I believe we all do the best we can with what we have. I believe every single relationship we have is for a reason - and that sometimes friends aren't meant to be in our lives forever. I believe showing up, letting each other be and being honest and kind are key ingredients for a good friendship. I believe our connections/ relationships are all that matter.

Our friends and families serve as mirrors to show us the truth about what's inside our hearts - what we desire, what we were and what we are becoming.

A good friendship is not demanding or needy. A good friendship allows for growth, even when it's scary. A good friendship bends, not breaks, with the winds of change.

P.S. If the people who matter most to you really judge you for how your house looks when they drop by unannounced, get better people.