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What words can't say

Nat_on_robutussen Still sick - broke down and got a bottle of Rubutussen to help me sleep through the night yesterday. Overdosed on purpose to help me sleep through the night. One of our students committed suicide this week and the trauma, fear and despair it unleashed is hard to bear. I nearly crawled under my desk and bawled after the fourth parent yelled at me for not being able to answer their questions or get an administrator to talk to them, as they were all in a meeting determining the best course of action to notify the children. How do you explain to a small child that the person who taught them how to play the piano won't be able to do lessons tonight because they've hanged themselves? What do you write on a card to the mother who found her son, dead  by his own doing? What words do you use to comfort a teacher who's last interaction with him was to remind him about the school's public displays of affection policy? The teacher who will never forget the grin he gave her, the smile in his eyes when she teased him about it.