Basking in the Rotisserie of Life

Could've Met you in the Sandbox

Jo_nat_munson_falls Happy Birthday to my dear Jocelyn! Jo and I may have met at Curtis Junior High because we were there at the same time. Or, we could've met at Western Washington University because, again, we were there at the same time. But instead, we waited until I started dating Matt who grew up with her boyfriend Jeff in Walla Walla. Kinda convoluted for such a friendship that was simply meant to be. I love Jocelyn for her generous heart, her sense of humor and her strength. The girl's got guts.

Since our husbands were friends from the sandbox, it worked out pretty perfectly that she and I instantly liked each other. Sometimes you just know that someone is your kind of people. Jo is most definitely one of my people. She's smart, thoughtful and she enjoys the stationary aisle at Target as much as I do. She's game for adventures like hiking in new places or just sitting on our asses catching up. From the start of our friendship, we understood each other without even having to say a lot. For instance when her boyfriend came to visit Matt for the weekend, I wasn't invited out with the boys so I poured a glass of wine and called her in Portland. We talked and drank wine for a few hours. I knew then we were going to be good, good friends. Since then, we've been in each other weddings, shared countless special occasions, helped each other move a million times and many more random, memorable moments. One that just came to mind was at the Phish show in the Gorge when she wore her cool headlamp deal and walked with me through the masses of Dirty, Loaded People until we reached the row of Rank Honey Buckets. She even offered me her headlamp while I went in but we both decided some things are just better done in the dark. But still, it's a pretty damn good friend that crawls out of a warm sleeping bag to do that for you.

I love and adore ya Jo, and wish you a year full of happy surprises.