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Paul - you da bomba

Paul_matt_woodstack His heart. His honesty. And his perspective on life are just a few of the reasons I love Paul and am glad he was born. His German heritage and foreign upbringing are also part of the reason we connected quick-like. The first time I remember meeting Paul was at his annual Christmas party when Matt and I showed up around eleven p.m. after Matt's shift at the Palmer House. When everyone else is dancin' and makin' merry like Christmas and you're all sober is not the best time to show up at a party, but we did and Paul was totally gracious trying to hook up up with food, drink and people he thought we'd click with. Paul is the kind of guy who finds ways to help a person and just does it. The photo above is Matt and Paul leaning on the pile of wood Paul cut, delivered and stacked without us knowing about it because he knew we were going to need it. How do you not love a guy like that? There are other things too, like the way he's game to do things he's not so crazy about, like playing Pictionary - here's Paul being a good sport. Yes, he does appear to be enjoying himself. A little. Pictionary_paul_2

Paul's love for his wife Rosie, and the way he shows it, is another thing I dig about Paul. He planned their ten year wedding anniversary as a surprise and pulled the whole thing off without a hitch. He's also an awesome writer who tells the truth about life and pain and beauty.

Alles gutes zum Geburstag, Palusko!