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Crazy Sick

It's been one of them days. Weeks. Months. Pretty much the only goal I'm meeting has something to do with keeping my job and paying bills. It's a process, right?

So, a quick post before I crash hard - I was so damn sick of arguing with kids all day long that by the end of the day, I swear to God that if a kid had come in to ask,

"Mrs. Hardy, can we go play on Highway 47?"

I would've said, "Yeah, sure. Hell, take a friend."

One of my cute little third graders came in because he was sick, but he was sure he wouldn't have a temp, he said, when he saw me reaching for my thermometer - a cool, new one by the way. It wasn't "that kind of sick" he explained. Then, he told me he felt like he was going crazy. I can so relate! So, as we waited for mom to come, I knew for sure that I was going crazy. Finally after the millionth time of herding him back to where he was supposed to be, I looked at him with an uncharacteristically stern expression on my face and said, "X, do you know what trying my patience means?" His eyes widened as he backed into the health room and sat down. He waited quietly for mom to come, just as she rounded the corner I caught his ear-to-ear grin.