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Dear Diary: March 1987

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SFortune_change_of_plans_1 In case you were wondering if God had a sense of humor ... to the left is the insightful/spiteful scrap of paper in my fortune cookie last Thursday. Below is a pictorial representation of Thursday's drama. I was on a footstool making an intercom announcement at work and then I was lying on the ground in excruciating pain. After a trip to the emergency room and visit to the doctor, I was home with my foot propped up with orders to rest. Right. While resting, I made Dscf2295a few to do lists. That's kind of relaxing. So, I may have fainted. Docs think it was "stress related." As one of them attached the heart monitor, he shared a nice little story about fainting goats. In his anecdote, I am the goat. Super. I think I'll take up yoga again.