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Happy, Happy Birthday Sarah

Happy, Happy Birthday ... May all your dreams come true ... Happy, Happy Birthday from Red Robin to you ... Sarah has the patience and good humor to have endured that obnoxious song during the years that it was my favorite. No, not when I was seven, it was during college. Sarah_amy_in_canada_1

I love Sarah for a million reasons, but toward the top of the list is the fact that she has the best laugh in the world.

Sarah and I have been friends through so many phases it's not even funny. Well, a little bit funny when you look at the pictures. We were friends from high school j obs working at the Sunset Grill in Gig Harbor to the better part of two years as roommates in college. Sarah's been my friend through phases that make me cringe to remember.

My first memory of us as friends is after an away game in high school, we had a late tennis match and after finishing our games, we were waiting and talking and laughing in the van. And eating the surprisingly delightful combination of Satsuma mandarins and sugar cookies. The whole box of them. If I remember correctly.

Sarah is an awesome friend and was an amazingly patient and good-natured roommate. The only fight I remember us having was waged (by me) in sticky notes and lasted very briefly. Something to do with a hair dryer and me being an impatient, mean person in the morning.

Sarah is a good sport and always game for little adventures. More than once we drove to Canada on a moment's notice. There was also one spur of the moment debacle when she agreed to go on a little adventure driving up to Mt. Baker in my Geo (where she had perma-shotgun) with pillows in tow so we could sleep in the car. We came home early because a) it was freezing and b) it was freaky/stupid to sleep in a Geo on the side of the Mt. Baker Highway. And another night, during finals week, we went for a drive to get some smokes and she woke up beside me wondering why we were still driving, and by the way where are we? Some of my favorite memories are from Sarah and me living together: checking the mail, sharing clothes like her awesome Suicide Suedes, talking for hours and hours, studying (there was studying, right?), napping whenever we felt like it, watching Silk Stalkings, and playing games. And learning to navigate the stages of being on our own from defrosting a mini-fridge, stacking bunk beds to the point of fire hazards and reveling in the pleasures of not having anyone to tell you to clean your room. Ever.





In a lot of ways, Sarah knows me better than anyone, all the different me's I've been since I was 17. And she's been a true, loyal, loving, honest, awesome and genuine friend to all of them. I adore you and wish you a healthy, happy year ahead with much to laugh about!