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The guy's got guts

Tim_and_nat Matt and I were trying to remember what we did last year for our anniversary. Clearly it wasn't an epic celebration. When I found this picture dated 8-12-2005 I remembered we'd gone out for a drink and dinner and instead of the movie we'd planned to see, we went to a friend's house because Tim was in town. Tim's the type of guy you change plans for--even anniversary plans--because you don't want to miss out on seeing him.

Tim's the kind of person you just feel good being around. He's defiantly in the loose cannon category. You never know what's going to come out of his mouth. One of my favorite Tim stories is when he had his thumb wrapped and hand out of commission. His friends tried to get him to go skiing but he didn't want to do anything that might get him hurt as he had a ton of work to do at the shop. So, they opted to go to the safer Family Fun Park where Tim hurt his hand on the bumper cars. (If I remember correctly). The fact that Tim saw the humor in that makes him my kind of guy.

Also putting him high on my list is his sense of humor and loyalty. He's been through a remarkable year where the things he figured he could always count on to stay the same, didn't. And although he may not be quite ready to send any thank you notes to those who hurt him, he's managed to stay focused on what's positive and continue to be healthy and happy at heart. I respect Tim for dealing with life head-on. The guy's got guts.

I love ya Tim Tait. Partly it's because I like saying Tim Tait, partially because you're one of the coolest.

p.s. Tim's birthday was in March ... I'm catching up slowly but surely!