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Quenched Quest

The Longest Sunday

Do you ever get Sunday back-to-work blues? You know, you're going about your weekend and all of a sudden this feeling creeps up on you that tomorrow is a Monday. And then there's a little nagging anxiety, or a full-blown panic attack, depending on who you are. So for me right now, facing going back to work on Monday after having enjoyed this wonderful summer break is like having a perfect long weekend and this last week of summer is like the longest Sunday. So this Thursday morning at 10:30 equates to about 6 p.m. on Sunday, where you know you can't finish everything you thought you'd get done that weekend, but if you let go a little you could still enjoy a nice, peaceful evening. Or, you could destroy it by stressing and worrying.

I'm struggling to keep the angstiness at bay and just enjoy the next few days. But as my vacation nears its end, it's tempting for me to feel like I wasted it by not accomplishing everything that was on my "to do list". Honestly, though it really was more like a "to do manifesto." Okay, so I didn't loose 4o pounds, or write an entire novel or organize everything in my house. But I did: submit parts of my manuscript to an agent, write 1/4 of my first novel, read books, swam, learned that my bike actually does go up hill, ran a mile, made a funky-looking lasagna, tried some new recipes, organize a couple closets, served jury duty, spent time with friends, slept well ... and got refreshed to go back to work. I trust this year will be different. I love my job and am going to work hard at focusing on the positive things.