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Dear Diary: Back to School 1987

Dear_diary_82487 Monday 8/24/87

Dear Mel,

Hi! How are you! I suck. Let's face it my mom hates me! O.K. Mom said I should invite Laura over so I did! Now she says she can't come over because she'll be gone.

9-6-87 Dear Mel, School starts soon. Oh no! I can't ? ...

Dear_diary_102287 Friday 10/22/87

Dear Diary:

Sorry: today you won't believe what happened at school today! Someone spread a rumor about me liking someone I don't even know! I'm so embarrassed!

I love Mike C. and Corey B.

Couple things: Flipping through these old journals answers why I still cringe at over-use of exclamation points!!! It must have been so frustrating to be the mother of such a drama queen daughter - so help me God if my kid is like that - actually, so help Matt since he'd be the one dealing in Hardy's House of Drama. And then ... I have to face the fact that I was so damn fickle and shallow. I didn't even know those guys. They were just cool. And I wasn't. So therefore they must be great, right?

As I'm helping kids (and parents) deal with back to school anxieties and questions, I'm in Flashback City remembering how scared I was before the first day of school -- after the rush and delight of organizing my new school supplies for the zillionth time wore off of course.

And yes, I was going into sixth grade with a Cabbage Patch Diary. It's not like I took it to school with me for Christ's sake!!! And really, Cabbage Patch Kids were cool. Especially my Mala Suzy. More on her another time.