Dear Diary: Back to School 1987

Picture Day


(1980 - you can spot me easily, right?)

The amount of tardy notes I got this morning citing "picture day stress" as a reason should've been my first clue that today would be a little chaotic.

My personal favorite picture-day related tardy note was "X. decided to give himself a haircut this morning." The handwriting was angry. The kid who sheepishly handed me the note was sporting sort of a mullet-mohawk.

Then came the call after call to handle picture day details. Here's a sampling:

Dad of student: Yeah, my wife had me fill out the form and I did it wrong. Is there any way you could get that form back from my kid and fill out B1 instead of C2?

Little boy walks into office with wild hair (think bed-head gets electrocuted) and says "I forgot my picture thing" I call dad. Dad says: It's picture day? Um. I'm half-way to work. Does he look okay? Me: um ... yeah. I hang up and usher kid to mirror, wet my hands in the sink and start trying to pat down his hair as the lunch money line grows. I can't wait to see how that one turns out.

Kid gets hit in face with football at recess right before getting in line for pictures. He comes in with dirt smeared all over his face and shirt. No call made home. Retakes are in October. The yearbook will show him as "kid who got hit in face just before pictures."

Overheard: (Recent middle school graduate comes down from the High School to say hello)

me: Hey! How's it goin' up there?

him: it sucks

me: Really? I thought you'd like being in high school, having more flexibility and all

him: Oh, it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than here.