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Meet Lucy


Word Count: 30,119

This weekend in a nutshell:
1) Phase one of our flooring project is half way done 2) I wrote 5,000 words 3) We got a puppy! 4) Too exhausted to elaborate, more to follow.

This weekend in pictures:

First_board_1242pm Floors_55_hours_later

The front two rooms were finished six hours after the first board was laid. These guys busted a move! And they look awesome. Floors_in_progress

Lucy_in_box_lid Also we discovered that we are the type of people who would bring our baby home and put it in a drawer because we either a) weren't ready or b) couldn't find the right crib and figured, what the hell it'll be safe, warm and just fine in a drawer. This is why, while other puppies come home to waiting families complete with beds, toys, books about their particular breed etc. our little Lucy came home to a house under construction and Matt fashioned a little bed for her out of a copy paper box lid and an old blanket.