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A Twist on Dickens

Someday I'll have a site with Frequently Asked Questions. But for now, recently there's been just these: "What's up with Ani and what happened to Izzy?"

My writing. Right. That's what I'm supposed to be working on. Damn, this work nonsense is cramping my style. Yet, it's so nice pay for things like my mortgage and running water.

So Kickin' it with Ralph and Ani are on hold for now but I keep adding scraps of papers with notes on them to my binder. I consolidated the category for Ani into the Writing category in an effort to make the site a little less cluttered. The most recent scrap was added Friday and is on the back of a mortgage bill. It says: Ralph has a brother named Rufus.

Materials for Making a Stand and Izzy are still strewn throughout my office from the writing contest in November. I'd started writing it thinking it was a young adult novel only to find myself in the middle of a few uhhhmmm... not so PG-13 scenes. I am seeking out examples of writing for adults where the main character is as young as Izzy. Well, there's Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird of course ... so this could still work. I could start getting back to work on it right away with a little help from y'all. (that word is one of the reasons I wish I was from the South).

Here's my idea: Kind of a twist on Charles Dickens' concept of the Serial Novel. It's said that all of his major novels were published serially in weekly, or monthly, installments. Many installments ended like sitcoms do these days, leaving readers engaged and wanting more. A certain retired English teacher I know says Dickens sometimes used feedback from readers to influence how he wrote his next installment. Of course, I'm no Dickens, but ... I'm thinking I could post installments of the draft of Izzy's story and work it through with feedback from you guys.

Your thoughts?