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A dog named Lou

Lucy_in_yellow_truckWe didn't have a lot of time to name our new puppy since she was so unexpected but as soon as we decided on Lucy, we knew it was completely the right name for her. We wanted a name that would shorten to "Lou" and at first started with LuLu but she is so not a LuLu.

We wanted Lou because it was a dog named Lou that connected Matt and me in the first place in 1998. I was working at what I now refer to as the Postal Crook and Matt was working for a log home company traveling between Washington, California, Colorado and Nevada. Since he moved so much, he had a post office box established before I even started working there. I'd never met him but had sent many bundles of Box 184's mail to his various addresses. Because of the type of mail he got and because he lived in a place called Camp Sherman, I just assumed he was an older man. If you're me and you work at a place putting up people's mail you a) love, love, love your job and b) make up stories about people based on what they get in the mail. So as far as I was concerned Box 184 was an old guy.

One day my boss mentioned that Box 184 was going to be in town house sitting for some friends of ours, and taking care of their dog Lou. Couple days later, this jacked up yellow Toyota pulls into the parking lot with the unmistakable Lou riding in the back. I was sure it was Lou because there is no other dog like him on the planet, a Lab-Grizzly mix.

Box 184 hops out and he is SO not an old guy. If it weren't for Lou in the back of the truck, Box 184 could've come in, got his mail and left and we might never have met.