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Unexpected Exchange

It's true, some of my favorite kids at school are the ones I've gotten to know because they are frequent fliers and we've bonded over hours and hours of in-school suspension. Some of these kids share a side of themselves with me that not everyone gets to see. It helps that I'm not in front of a classroom of 30 kids trying to teach algebra. For instance, I know this kid who has a soft side under the swearing and outbursts, loves shrimp (he closes his eyes and talks about it like a little gourmet) and carries a picture of his brother as the wallpaper on his telephone because, "when I miss him I can just flip this open." But I was not in a million years expecting this exchange I had with him in the lunch money line this morning as he's handing me his check for lunch - he's chronically overcharged and having to stress about how to get more money in his account - and he's got three other middle schoolers in line behind him.

"Mrs. Hardy, when is your baby going to be born?"

"Oh, either in September or October so I have a ways to go yet."

"Is it going to be a boy or a girl?"

"It's going to be a long time before I know that either. Maybe in May?"

"It's just that I'm learning how to knit and I want to make it a hat. And if I have enough yarn left over I'll make you one to match."