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As if 6th grade wasn't hard enough

Nearly choked on my lunch to see this headline on the front page of the Oregonian:

"Divorced parents clash over 12-year-old son's circumcision." Because, you know, being in 6th grade isn't hard enough. As I was muttering about it, someone in the staff room said it was awful for the whole world to have to know about it. But really, that's just not as bad as every kid in the PE locker room of your middle school looking at ya funny. WHO are these people?! 

Also what not to say

Last night I tell Matt I'm feeling a little uncomfortable about how huge my belly is getting this early in the pregnancy. I'm at about 16 weeks and look more pregnant than some people ever look in 9 months. So I'm feeling just really super pretty and Matt gives me this annoying knowing little smile and says, "Well, you're accentuating your belly a little bit though, aren't you?"

"What." It's more of a statement than a question.

"I mean, you're sticking it out, aren't you?"
Blank stare. More like angry stare.

"This is maybe coming out wrong,"  he laughs, "Don't be mad. I mean, when you wear maternity shirts like that..."

Interrupting, "This is NOT a maternity shirt. This is one of my old shirts."

"Oh. Well, it looks different."

"Right. Because I'm pregnant."

Giving in

We broke the one and only rule we've been able to keep for Little Miss. Lucy. And I'm just really fine with it. In fact, it makes me laugh every time I think about it. Lucy Baby had surgery last week to make sure there were no more Lucy babies. It was hard to see her in pain and she was such a damn good sport about it that you just really wanted to do something extra for her. So we gave in on a few little things here and there. This included hand feeding her human food. What surprised me though, was when Matt broke the number one, ultimate Rule that Shall Not be Broken.

He walked into the living room and I asked where Lucy was.

"She's resting."

"On the bed."

"Our bed?"
"Mmmhmmm." Guilty smile.

So when I went to bed I let her be. Matt was shocked to find a furry friend on his side of the bed when he came in much later.

Him: "You let her sleep in the bed with you?"

Me: "You let her up here."

Him: "Yeah but not to sleep with us. That's just gross."

Me: "Whatever. You let her up here." Back to sleep.

The next morning we agreed to go back to our original Ultimate No Lucy on The Bed Ever (again) Rule.

When I got home from work however, I noticed something suspicious. Matt was working on the trim in the bedroom.

"So, uh ... Was Lucy on the bed?"

"Okay," I said grinning and pointing to the bed where he saw the telltale Lucy was Here sign - her favorite little Froggy lying next to his pillow. Right next to the Lucy sized rumple.