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Mouths of Babes

Quinn_nat My six-year-old buddy Quin was over the other night. As they were leaving, his dad said, "Hey, Quin. Do you know Nathalie is going to have a baby?" Without missing a beat the kid says, "Ohhhhhhhhhh. So that's why your tummy is so big!"

Today I had a fourth grader in lunch detention. When I came around the side of my desk his eyes widened in surprise.

"Mrs. Hardy are you having a baby?"

"Yes, I am."

"A biiiig baby," he says nodding knowingly at my stomach.

"Yeah, it's lookin' like that."

"That's okay. My neighbor had a stomach as big as yours last week and her new baby is actually a little one." (That would be more comforting if I didn't have four more months to grow. I mean go.)

The Cranberry Challenge

After moving a million times together, Matt and I have a pretty good understanding of each others moving methods and madness. That understanding doesn't preclude us from driving each other crazy though. Matt, for instance, loves the fact that I collect piles of boxes and then navigate around them figuring I'll pack later. One of my favorite things about Matt is the way he picks some random thing that needs to be packed right now. Our entire CD collection has been packed for a month. We haven't even put our house on the market yet. Last week, Matt was rooting around in the freezer and noticed we had four bags of cranberries.

What's with all the fucking cranberries? (he wasn't in the best of moods)

Oh, they were on sale.


Around Christmastime.

Do you have plans for them?

I don't know how to make anything with cranberries in it.

So why'd you by four bags?

They were on sale. And I thought I might make something. Think of it them as cheap ice packs.

Well, I want to get rid of them. We're not moving fucking cranberries.

Four moves ago, I would've taken that personally and gotten all hurt and wounded about it. This time, I took that as a challenge and launched an Internet search for cooking with cranberries. The first one I decided to try was this Orange Cranberry Cake at the Better Homes and Gardens recipe center. My goal was to make the whole thing without having to buy anything special. One small problem. Not an orange in the house. But I had grapefruit that worked out just fine. If you decide to make the recipe, it is better with a powdered sugar icing. We might move wrapping paper, which pisses Matt off to no end, but by God, we will NOT move frozen cranberries.

Worry about you

SorrydarlingSo the stomach flu hit me Wednesday night like a two-ton heavy thing. The good news is that violent sickness like that really put morning sickness right into perspective. As always, some unexpected lessons learned along the way. Like I said this particular stomach storm hit around 9:30 p.m and continued throughout the night finally letting up slightly at around 4:30 a.m. As I lean toward drama, I tried really hard to stay calm and just breath between blows and kept telling myself it'll really be okay. No need to wake up the peacefully sleeping Matt, no need at all. Except that I'm possibly dying over here! But I am a big girl, because you know, I'm going to be a mom and all, and got myself through the night, thinking good thoughts for baby. By morning I felt a little guilty. Maybe I should've woken him. In fact, we probably should've gone to the hospital straight away. What if I've permanently damaged the baby in my effort not to be overly dramatic? After calling in sick to work, I called the doctor's office and got this reassuring nugget.

"Worry about you, not the baby. The baby is essentially a parasite and will take what it needs from you. No matter what it costs you. Welcome to the rest of your life."

I'm paraphrasing only a little. So that was, you know, totally reassuring. And also disturbing. I spent the next day sick and freaked out about what we've done here. I can't possibly have a kid that I'm in charge of. I'm not a big girl myself somedays so how exactly is this going to work? But I'm upright now and slightly less wigged out about that train of thought. I'm confident I'll raise a kid strong enough to survive me.

Also learned that I really can completely check out of my life for two days and things will be just fine when I come to. Would a tropical vacation have been a more pleasant way to learn that lesson? Well, sure. But nonetheless, I feel more comfortable with my recent resignation as General Manager of the Universe.

Photo from Olive Sandwiches a super cool company based out of my old digs in Gig Harbor. The magnet is a gift from my super cool friend Christine.