Shades of Green

Down at the Walgreens

Sure swimming is good for my brain and my body but my favorite part is the things I observe and overhear in the locker room. And since these days it takes me twice as long to do anything, I am really getting some good eavesdropping done. The time of day that I go puts me in the locker room right in between the end of Geriatric Aerobics and the start of Kids Day Camp. It's fun to watch the Betty and Ednas give way to the Brittnea and Emmas of today. The older women seem to have nothing but time and a sense of appreciation for their bodies. The younger girls are in a rush to get to the next thing and are so self-conscious it almost makes me cringe with my own memories of being that age. Me, I'm just enjoying being in the middle. Which makes me wonder when exactly is one considered "middle-aged?" One thing I'm not at all angsty about it my age. So far the constant in my life has been each year improving on the last.

So, the other day, I'm towel-drying my hair and listening to this conversation:

"I hate the ones with clouds."

"Yes, clouds are boring. Flowers are bad too."

"Would you be interested in trading?"

"Wellllll ... do you do the 500 piece or the 1,000?"

"Oh I have some of both. Right now I'm really into the circle ones. You can get those down at the Walgreens. They're all the same size."