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Shades of Green

I've been working on this column pitch for a website Chinook Book is launching next month. I was intrigued by the idea and really exited to apply but hesitated at this part of the application: "the most knowledgeable, most thoughtful and most irreverent citizens to produce original columns on living the green lifestyle in Portland." But hey, I'm thoughtful and irreverent, and while I'm certainly no expert on living green, it's a desire of mine to be more so and that created the inspiration for my column idea which is essentially "Green on Green: Confessions of a wannabe" because I agree with you guys in the comments and emails I got that you can "lean green and mean well" (Rose) but still not feel worthy of the green merit badge. Your replies were a huge help to me because they confirmed my suspicion that I'm not alone in feeling that because there is more that I could or should to, I'm not green enough. I love the shades of green idea! In every single response I got, written and verbal, not one person said "yes." Everyone ticked off ways they try to be and ways they could do more. Everyone. It was really interesting. If the column doesn't get accepted I'll share the ones I pitched, otherwise, I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get to link to my new column!