House Hunting
the truth is never wrong

Move-in Ready?

So when you think "Move-in ready" you're probably like me and imagine that all you'd have to do upon purchasing this "move-in ready" house is exactly that: move your stuff in and unpack. Right?

No. It turns out move-in ready is a relative term and can NOT be counted on when buying a home. We looked at a couple more houses last week. When I finally find this damn house I'm already flustered because it took me two hours to get from home to Oregon City. How are you city people ever on time?! Anyhow, Matt has already done the tour and takes me around real quick so we don't miss our next appointment. The house is awesome. On the outside. But on the inside, funny thing. Listed at 1900 square feet, I'm expecting it to be pretty roomy. No. Half of that square footage is the unfinished attic and basement. The kitchen, however is pretty cool.

"All the appliances are included," the agent says as I'm admiring the brand new stainless steel refrigerator. Appliances. Plural. That's what's wrong.

"Um. Where is the stove?"

"Well, we were just talking about that. There doesn't appear to be a stove."

"Where is it?"

"The owner used a Coleman for cooking."

"A Coleman. Like camping. That won't work!" Sorry, did that sound bitchy? It's just that if I was going to live like that, I'd pitch a tent and since I'm here to buy a HOUSE, you can assume, Mr. Agent Man that I'm going to need some basic things. Like a stove.

"So, if there was a stove. Where would it go?"
"Well ... we were talking about that, too." Maybe less talking and more doing? "I suppose you could wall off that door and put it over there? And then you'd just have to make another entry point into the bedroom."

So, how is this house move-in ready, exactly? I didn't say that to the agent but I muttered about it all the way to the next house. Which was actually pretty decent. But that's a lot of money for just decent. Looking at that house was proof that it helps to have two people looking together.

"What do you think?"
"Well, besides the fact that the closets completely suck, where would we eat?"
"Huh. You're right, there wasn't a dining room was there?"

And that won't work because sitting down together for dinner is an important part of being us. Which might make my parents laugh because sitting down for dinner together was huge at our house growing up. At about 13 though, when I had very important phone calls to take, I thought it was the stupidest thing ever! Sitting down together and talking, I'm sure! But in retrospect, it's one of my favorite things about how my parents raised us and I intend to continue that tradition in my family.

So, once again, result from that round of house hunting: "Next!"