Still Pregnant
Reasons I'm not Ready

Is bubble wrap cool yet?

Dscf2499 I am as surprised as the next person to realize the depth of my love for a dog of all things. I remember the exact moment when I realized I was absolutely nuts over her. We were in Walla Walla visiting Matt's parents for the holidays. Matt was feeding his mom's horses with 8-week-old Lucy underfoot. She got a little brave and started running alongside one of the horses. I watched in horror from the balcony as one of these humongous beasts struck at her. All I could do was scream from a distance as I sprinted toward her. She tumbled out of the way and managed to avoid being stampeded to death.

I called YaYa that night with this to say: "I do not know how you send those boys of yours out into the world wearing just plain cotton. I'm not having kids until they make bubble wrap cool to wear."