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For the Love of Lucy

I'm touched by how many people have asked how Lucy is doing with the upcoming changes.

She was fine until the day Baby Chi Chi's gift from Omama and Opapa arrived: an awesome stroller/car seat combo. When Matt pulled the stroller out of the box Lucy just flipped out. She started barking her "Danger! Intruder!" bark and backing away with her hackles up. Then she started barking at Matt for not doing anything about it. She refused to have anything to do with him for the rest of the night. Then, she went on a hunger strike. I thought surely she would come near the stroller if I put her food by it. Nope. I considered leaving treats for her on the stroller's snack tray, but then realized that would be teaching her to eat off the stroller and I don't want to have her eating Baby's Cheerios someday.

Matt likes to pretend that it's just me that spoils her. But then he does endearing things like making this call from work.

"I'm just calling to check on Lucy, is she okay yet?"
"Well, that's her barking in the background. She's been doing it since, uh, first thing this morning and shows no sign of stopping."

"Shit. I think we're going to have to take her and the stroller for a walk tonight. I'm going to feel pretty stupid pushing around and empty stroller."
"And I'm going to be pissed if people ask me if I've had the baby already and I'm standing there with my 9-month-pregnant belly."

"We have to do something."
"Okay. We'll do it. It'll associate something positive with the stroller. It's a good idea. Then, we'll never speak of it again."

I am happy to report that Lucy spared us this embarrassment by finally coming around. But, once again, managed to make us demonstrate what lengths we're willing to go to for. What, I wonder, will be willing to do for our little Chi Chi?