Goodbye Maternity leave; hello work-from-home mama!
Lucy Brown strikes back

Do babies play possum?

Do babies play possum or is Sam already developing my sick sense of humor? Because it really is one or the other. In my efforts to stop the "Life is a crapshoot" movement, I develped some {sound of God laughing here} plans and lists to keep things Organized. The new plan includes one errand day instead of going to town every damn day. Sure it'll be good from an environmental and economical perspective but it's also a sanity saver becuase getting Baby Chi Chi in and out of the car seat, in and out of the Bjorn and in and out of store after store sucks. By the way, I apologize to anyone reading this who happened to be at Winco this morning. Sam screamed his way through the bulk food aisle and the only thing I did to stop him was walk faster and cut the list down to "MUST have before leaving the store items." Why didn't you use his cumlik? You might wonder. He spit it out in the entry way and I stepped on it. Back up binks were in the car.

After our grocery adventure, I got him buckled back into the truck and let him cry since his new thing is crying because he's super tired and won't give in to sleep without a proper fight. As I pull onto the highway, he's silent. I can only see from his nose down in the mirror. His cumlik is hanging out of his mouth like a cigar. How sweet, he passed out. I enjoy the silence for one stop light, pull into the bank parking lot and get a bad feeling. I turn around to look at him and see that his eyes are actually WIDE open and he is dead still. But not blue. He'd be blue if he was dying, right? Right?!? Oh my God! Something is wrong with my baby! Sam! Sam! Sam! I'm screaming now, tugging at his arm and stopping the truck in the middle of the lot to get into the back and rip him out of the car seat. Just as I'm pulling him out he gives me a slow, sly smile and leans in for a cuddle. I'm standing in the middle of the parking lot crying and cuddling him. How crazy I must've looked. But, thank you to NO ONE for stopping to help. If you're going about your business and notice someone freaking out, screaming their baby's name over and over again, go ahead and offer to help. Though I suppose you, my friends, don't need that reminder. 

Some strange thoughts that came to me during that panicky minute: I should've paid more attention to the baby CPR tape at the hospital; I didn't wash my hands after the grocery store I shouldn't put my finger in his mouth, but then again he could be choking; When I first realized something was wrong I lost it for a second and got all fumbly with the door lock and something inside me kicked in to calm me down and remind me to stay level in order to help him. Once I knew he was fine, I broke down. My leg was shaking so bad I couldn't drive for fifteen minutes afterwards.

We went about our business after that: bank, library, Lowe's for pellets, post office and finally Home Sweet Home. Where Lucy Baby had a little surprise waiting for us. More on that later, Baby Chi Chi calls from the crib.