Intergity is a lint roller at the ready
Synergy strikes again

Synergy in action

I have another word for 2008: Synergy.

I was working on how to explain why that word when a perfect example of synchronicity occurred. I know it's not exactly the same thing, but you're not really that picky, right?

My professional goal for the year is to make a success of my freelance writing business, as well as get my fiction work published. I've got experience, determination, a willingness to work my butt off and lots of ideas. What I need now is execution and some old fashioned synergy. And maybe a little luck.

When I say I want my writing to be successful I don't mean personally gratifying or fun to share with friends. I mean success in the form of paying the bills. With my background, skills and desire combined I believe I can do it. And I have to do it for Sam. It's the best way I can think of to earn a living and take care of my baby. Even when he's fifteen and talking back. Not, of course, that my little pumpkin would dream of sassing me.

So, synergy: This morning, I finished filling out an order form for a book I've been wanting since I found out I was pregnant last February - Writer Mama: How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids. Every time I came close to ordering it, I stopped myself thinking that the last thing I need is yet another book about how to write. What I need to do is just write.

But then, welcome Baby Sam into my writing world. Despite the fact that I can type faster one-handed while nursing than many can type at all, this business of writing with a baby by my side isn't quite what I'd imagined it to be. I pictured him sleeping peacefully in the bassinet beside me while I worked. Turns out this kid thinks sleeping is for babies. He has feet to kick, arms to wave and vowels to explore and not enough time in the day to do it, apparently. Also, it's kind of hard to concentrate on complete sentences when you are rocking the bouncy seat with one hand and saying "Yea! Is that the green dinosaur?" every few minutes.

As I threw my hands up in the air after four attempts to meet a deadline yesterday, I decided I would dig out the order form and finally buy the book written as a guide specifically for Writer Mamas which I am so, so excited to finally be able to call myself! I wonder if there's some kind of a badge or bumper sticker to show I'm in the club, until payday anyway.

After filling out the form, I put it in the pile of things to walk to the post office if it EVER stops raining and logged on to Ali Edwards' site to see what other words people were posting for 2008 and I saw someone named Writer Mama had commented. I followed the link to her site and it turned out to be the author of the book I'd just ordered! I'm taking that as a very good sign.

The thing about synergy is, you have to be paying attention to recognize and appreciate it. Which means, of course, that your intentions have to be clear. What do you want? Focus. Really focus on that for awhile. And once you narrow that down, figure out what it will take to achieve it and then go for it.

Is it stupid to get excited about something so little? Perhaps. But it makes life more fun to be delighted by the little things. Plus, it's easier to communicate with God if you listen to the whispers in your heart.