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Changing points of view

After working on the format and outlines for Pants on Fire for what feels like forever, I think I am maybe starting to hit a rhythm. Daily, steady progress seems to be the key for me. My new goal makes me laugh but it's at least 1,000 words a day. Or 300. Every day until I type The End.

Isn't every day a little excessive?

Well, no Oprah. Actually, I found that stepping away from the project for more than a full day screwed up my momentum. As did waiting until I had big pockets of time to work.

And why the jump between 1,00 and 300 words as a goal?

I'm glad you asked, Oprah. Same thing. I'm motivated by goals that challenge me but are still "doable." Ideally I'll have more 1,000 + word days but frankly, for me, some days 300 words on top of brushing my teeth and starting a load of laundry is a huge. I mean in addition to keeping the kid alive.

So this morning I hit my goal: 1,200 words. I'm finished with the first two chapters and most of chapters 3 & 4. Each one is written from a different character's perspective. Initially I had Isabella and Emma in first person and Nicholas and Vanessa in third. Which was weird. I was nervous about writing a male character in first person and I thought it was really weird to have only one POV in third person. So the last couple weeks I've been working at revising Vanessa and Nicholas' introductory chapters. I think I finally got it and can keep plotting along.