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DSCF4578 DSCF4579 DSCF4583This one's for you Rosie! At first I was like "no way am I posting a picture of myself looking like this. Are you nuts?! Ex-boyfriends and high school arch rivals could Google me and then what?!"

Then I realized the whole point of my blog is, you know, the naked truth. So here it is:my "Keith Richards meets Pat Benatar and goes on a bender" hairstyle.

Thank God for your supportive comments and a sense of humor or else I would not be getting out of bed until this hideous haircut grew out. Matt last night said he blames himself.

"If I'd been better in the past about noticing your haircuts you wouldn't have needed to say 'make him notice.'" Then he sang a little riff from Pat Benatar's "Hit me with your best shot." Funny, funny guy. Sam also thought it was hilarious cracking up in his high chair. I have a sneaky suspicion these two will bond repeatedly in mocking my little mishaps.