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Disasters and details

My apologies for the slow down in posting. I am using all spare minutes to work on my web site. It's taking waaaaaaaaaaay longer than I'd expected but I suppose there is a lot to be said for doing it right. Though, I think I've been shooting for perfect and that's just crazy talk. I really am interested in knowing what drives people to check out a writer's web site and even more curious about what makes them keep coming back.

So one quick story before Sam is fully awake. Another kitchen fiasco. How is it that I was raised by a gourmet cook and wound up such a disaster in the kitchen?

Now that cooking dinner is officially on my plate, I get really anxious if I don't know what I'm making pretty early in the day as I'm not a "whip it together" kinda girl. At least not when it comes to cooking.

Yesterday, I was feeling confident I had a good and easy dinner planned. Until about four o'clock when I started making it and realized I'd skipped one small, but critical, detail. It was a slow cooker recipe.

I happened to be on the phone with my friend/neighbor Amy and mentioned there's been a small problem with my dinner plans.

What do you need? Anything I can bring over?

Not unless you have three to four hours lying around.

The good news, of course, is that I knew exactly what was for dinner tonight.