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You guys know I'm a big believer in the power of words on paper.
My friend Karri wrote this letter to President Obama and I'm sharing it with you guys because it is a beautifully written example of honest, raw writing as well as admirable personal perspective.
I was especially proud of him this morning when I wrote to ask if I could share it with you guys and he said he'd already mailed it to the President. Looking forward to hearing the response, Karri.
This letter was written the same day Karri was laid off. It would have been easy for him to be bitter and harsh. Instead ... well, see for yourself. The last paragraph, especially, speaks for all of us.

Congratulations Mr. President,

Your victory is an historic achievement, but not untouched by adversity. Much as we give Black History the least of all months, your presidency lands in a time of global economic crisis, a crisis violence across countless borders, and closest to home, a crisis of faith in this once great nation.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for you sir, and at the same time sympathy. You carry the mantle of all our hopes of recovering from these desperate times squarely on your shoulders. Until today I looked at the unemployment issue from behind the insulated barrier of a regular paycheck. Until today, as to many Americans, the thousands being laid off from the likes of GM and Caterpillar were simply alarming figures. That all changed when the head of my small advertising company offered me a bankers' box and an apologetic handshake.

My selfish hope is that you sir, and those you drew into your cabinet, find a way to plant the seeds of renewed prosperity from the over-ripe fruit of our own negligent avarice.

I wouldn't presume to ask for a hand out, or even a hand up. Instead I offer you mine--both of them. Tell us Mr. President, how do we as Americans right the course we seem to have steered wide of? We're taking on water, and we could all use a little dry land.


P.S. Karri, you are going to be better than okay. My mom always said you were a rock star. I'm paraphrasing, but "nice, polite young man" is a little less glamorous.