With both hands
Me, the Saint

Your thoughts?

I generally try to avoid making my friends pick sides in an argument. But I'm on deadline and need some third and fourth opinions since I vehemently disagree with Matt's.

So please give me your honest take on this debate Matt and I are having tonight. Don't worry, if you side with him I will not stay mad for long. Probably not even overnight.

I may have mentioned he's an English teacher. Which has its advantages, except when he seems to relish marking my drafts with corrections in red.

After reviewing my draft, Matt was appalled at my use of the second person. I think it works in the right situations.

"A journalist using second person? Isn't that like baseball players using steroids? No that's not a good metaphor because steroids make you more powerful and second person makes you weak!"

What do you think? Does second person have its place? Or, does that conversational tone belong only in casual conversations?