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Writer Mama Anniversary Giveaway

Writer MamaWhile I only recently met Writer Mama Christina Katz in person at her Northwest Writer Series events, I adored her from the moment we connected through an amazing little process called synergy. You know how there's a little click in your heart when you meet someone genuine? I got that click with Christina. And that click, friends, is audible in her writing.

It took forever for "Writer Mama" to leave my "Now Reading" list because it was one of those rare books that I keep turning to, kind of like a Magic 8 ball. I'd flip it open to the message I needed to hear at that moment. You won't be shocked to hear I often opened to a reminder to eat my emotional Wheaties. You'll be amazed at how much is packed into this little book. FYI, you can read with one hand by the light of your cell phone.

Here's your chance to win this awesome writing guide especially, but not exclusively, for all the writer mamas in the house.

The Writer Mama Two-Year Anniversary Blog Tour Giveaway! Post #4

How Not To Get All Tangled Up About Your Book Concept

The funny thing about getting ready to write a nonfiction book, whether you are pitching a concept or working on a book proposal, is that it’s easy to get yourself all kinds of tangled up. And isn’t this the way with so many things that have to do with a writing career?

Going back to our day one blog tour topic, I always emphasize to writers that it’s so important to have mentors and teachers to advise you along the way until you eventually land an agent. In fact, at every stage, I’d suggest that you have a whole team of advisors. Don’t attempt to pitch a book without them.

Before we move on in my story, I’m want to take a little break here to emphasize another important point: a nonfiction book must respond to an existing need in the marketplace. If your book concept doesn’t do this, then there is no point investing the time and the energy in a book pitch or proposal.

Why? Because to a publisher, a book is a business proposition, a product that must sell to earn back the money invested in it. So, to publishers, a book’s viability is fairly black and white. An idea is either viable in the marketplace or it isn’t. If it is: then possible book deal. If it isn’t: then no book deal.

Keep some of this black and white thinking in mind before you gear up to pitch a book. Get good solid advice on how to make your idea a viable book concept or you could literally spend months, even years, on an idea that will never become a traditionally published book. This dilemma was the reason I started teaching book proposal development. To make sure that writers would have the thinking they’d need before they invested the hours into the proposal writing process.

If your idea is not viable, it doesn’t matter how many hours you spend on the proposal. It still won’t get past the industry gatekeepers. So make sure you have a viable idea first. Okay, end of soapbox. Back to the Writer Mama story in tomorrow’s blog post…

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