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Good thing I kept that

Dusting Pandora's Box

I'm back to shining my sink. Some of you know what that means and you are laughing, perhaps at me. I know house cleaning isn't complicated but I manage to make it stressful and end up doing everything kind of half-assed so I never quite get that satisfaction some people speak of when the "chores are done." I'm starting to realize there is no such thing as having your chores done (unless you're eight). It's more like you have things you do on a regular basis to maintain some kind of order and that's good enough. And good enough is perfect by me.

The problem with the house keeping part of the stay-at-home/try-to-work-at-home mom gig, besides that I couldn't possibly narrow it down to just the one, is that it's one big dusty Pandora's box. Every time I tackle one project, it reveals another one long neglected. The never-ending remodel doesn't help either. Excuses aside, I kind of just suck at cleaning and I pretty much hate it. See how that's stressful since I have to do it throughout the day every day?

In all things in my life I've found that a shift in attitude makes all the difference. I might as well try it with the care and feeding of my family. I am 33 years old and I still act like someone else is going to come along and clean up after me. Unfortunately, everyone who lives here acts like that too.

A few years ago a friend turned me on to this concept of looking at cleaning as more of a blessing for your home and family than drudge work ... the quote "nothing says I love you like a clean toilet to puke in when you're sick" comes to mind. True, I suppose but it's been kind of a stretch for me to get there.

These days, I'm needing a system that works for me so I can work when I need to without feeling I should be doing ten other things instead and waiting until I'm too tired to get anything on the page. I think I've finally found it, but I'll keep you posted.