Get away to get ahead
The fog has landed

Mama's gotta bounce

  Slang Roll   

Slang Roll (2)

These slang flash cards are a gift I bought for Matt when he started teaching English to high school students. You know, so he could communicate with them in a hip way. Most of them were totally inappropriate for the classroom but we've had fun over the years randomly pinning them up in the house. I bought them from Knock Knock, a company that sells all kinds of fun things if you're in the mood for browsing, it's usually worth a laugh or two.

This one reminded me of this weekend when I realized I was having an awesome time just hanging out with Sam at the park, collecting sticks and acorns and literally watching leaves falling. He is getting more and more fun to be with and I thought this card would make for a cute scrapbook page. But now I've gotta bounce and make breakfast.