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My good helper

Today's word count: 443

I'm getting my head back into Breaking Branches 300 words at a time, am still hopeful of meeting my December deadline. And also a little panicked. Today I'm a little distracted by the fact that my baby turns two tomorrow. He's been on the planet for two years and while I can't imagine him not being here, I am stunned that two years has already flown by.

Yesterday we went to the store to get the ingredients for his cake and pick out a candle. He picked the number "2" candle and chewed on it when I wasn't looking so it's nice and customized. I actually had to wipe it down with my sweater before handing it to the cashier. Kids are so gross! Also, adorable. We were at the store in the window just before nap time so I was a little nervous but he was hamming it up slapping high-fives with strangers and even holding his arms out for a random lady to hug. "Hug?" He asks, arms outstretched, as she searches through the spices. She smiles but then looks at me. "That would be weird, right? If I hugged him?"

"Well, kinda. But he asked for it. We haven't really covered the whole 'stranger danger' thing yet." She opted to high-five him instead.

Today we made the actual cake. Well, minus the frosting. He got bored before they finished baking so we went to the park for awhile. We've been practicing singing the birthday song and the "Zivijo, Zivijo" part we Slovaks sing. So he'd lick the batter and say "Mmm. Zivijo, zivijo. More birthday?" Lick. "I'm a good helper!" Lick.

I'm going to try frosting before he wakes up. We'll see.