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Meatless Monday: Food for thought

(Pre) Weekend update

I have so many posts in my head, on scraps of paper and in my drafts file but am having a hard time managing to get anything completed. Anything. Making the bed is about the only thing that I seem to do first thing that gets done and stays done till the end of the day. Besides that it feels like everything else is basically me chasing the proverbial tail.

It did occur to me yesterday that while I was engaged in the pursuit of the perfect house, the fact that I actually have to pack all this stuff up and move escaped me.  I'm moving in six (or so) weeks! I haven't even made my to do lists yet, much less started crossing things off of them. I guess I do have one huge box of bubble wrap. And some books are packed. Sam has a box in his room and packs his books up daily. Then he folds the top in a way that took me the better part of my life to do, you know where you tuck the box flaps into themselves? Yeah, he's got that down pat. When it's time for nap or bedtime, he says: "Let's read a book! I'll go check in my box." And we pretend it's a surprise that he pulls out: "Sally! Mater! McQueen! Doc Hudson!"

Small update on the house situation: appraisal is ordered but hasn't been done yet, to the best of my knowledge. Looks like closing is still set to be around the end of May. Still love, love, love the house.

Dreaming of this in my new entry, luckily I know a guy who happens to be handy with reclaimed timber and is going to have a shop to build it in:


I discovered it on this cool site: