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the way we were

Nat painting Scan0061

While I'm super excited {and stressed} about our upcoming move to Newberg I'm also getting nostalgic about leaving this house. The saving grace is that people I really like are going to live here and {hopefully} love our house as much as we did. I know this house isn't for everyone, but it will always be our first home. We've poured our hearts, sweat and the majority of our savings into this farmhouse built in 1898. This will always be the home our babies came home to ... Why wouldn't I go back through some old pictures while I'm overwhelmed with packing and parenting?

This is the first place we lived in where we were allowed to paint. So we did. A lot. For a year people would come over and say, "Hey, it's your house so you can change the cabinets."

But we picked this lovely color combination. And we weren't tripping on anything either. It was the first thing we painted when we moved in and I hated it soon thereafter but we'd moved on to bigger projects and it was only this year that we changed them back to white. Much better.


Back to packing ... though I suppose I'll be tripping down memory lane for awhile.