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Shifting expectations

Directional {and other} challenges

Welcome to Carlton I've been posting my notes on the house hunt and moving in the "Adventures and Travels" category because to me it seems like one of the biggest adventures of all - moving to a whole new place and starting over. 

I've moved enough times to know the drill. {Tacoma→University PlaceGig Harbor→Bellingham→Olalla→Gig Harbor→Back to BellinghamMcMinnville→Garibaldi→Rockaway Beach→Carlton}. And of course, within some of those places I moved a few times, especially in college.

I know that moving means all new people, but you get to take the friendships you made with you, even if you lose the proximity and convenience of those relationships.

Carlton is one of the best places I've lived. The sign on the way into town says "Carlton - a great little town." And it really, really is.

I remember when we first moved here, I was driving to the post office and I passed my friend and real estate broker on the road. He called to say hello and asked where I was off to. "The post office," I answered as I drove down Highway 47.

"Uh...not that way." It took awhile for me to figure my way around town, not that Carlton is so big but more that I get a little turned around and don't retain directional details.

Once I was driving with a friend to a new scrapbook store in Portland and as she was driving I called the store for more specific directions. I listened for awhile before hanging up.

"So?" Christine asked.

"Oh, I don't know, I tuned out when she started with the norths and easts ..."