'Round here
And the winner is ... me?!

Grandmaster Flash at the turntable

I'm sure the tickle in my throat is just a reminder to keep laughing as I make my way through this adventure of moving. Surely it has nothing to do with the crap care I'm giving myself while I take care of two sick kids and the details of dealing with utilities, insurance companies and packing as well as -- and this is the biggest challenge -- the normal things like meals, laundry ... life. I say that's the hardest part because while "normal" isn't quite the word I'd use for how we roll, there was a rhythm to our life here and lately it feels like Grandmaster Flash is the DJ here, scratching in the background.

This morning, for instance, after a night of "Sophie's Choice, light" where I went back and forth between the boys' deciding who was more "deserving" of our one humidifier, it was looking like my odds for getting a little blissful morning sleep were pretty good. Just a quick diaper change for Jake and we'd be off to sleep, sweet, sleep. Instead Jake peed all over me, himself, the bed and my one clean towel scoring points in distance, gravity defiance and timing.