May's column
Grandmaster Flash at the turntable

'Round here

This time next week we'll be living in our new house. It takes my breath away to write that. One week. Partly it freaks me out because that means someone has to pack all the rest of this crap up before then and also because ... we're moving in one week. There are goodbyes to say, things to do for the last time, and lots of details to wrap up. Maybe this won't be the week I make Jake's birth announcements.

Since I'm up most of the night, it's hard to say if I'd be this sentimental about the whole thing if I had a wee bit more sleep but as it is, at 2 a.m. I started bawling when it hit me that we really are moving. For real. Even though I'm so excited about so much of this next part of our journey, living in Carlton ... our life here, the people we've met and befriended, the place we moved to as a young married couple and are leaving as parents ... well, there's a lot to be sentimental about ... if you're the type. And, of course, I am that type. Plus, I'm a Pisces, so there's that.

Life, I think, is about being able to have a picnic under any circumstances ... today we were set to walk to the park, Sam on his trike, to have a picnic. I got us all packed and dressed and just as we were heading up the street ... more rain. We were going to brave it but it just kept coming down harder and harder and we realized this was not a good idea. Sam, happy to be out of the house with our full attention wasn't into turning around until I convinced him we could have a special picnic in the living room. So we did. And we talked with him some more about the move. He was quiet as he took it all in. Occasionally he said: "Ah. Yes. Our neeeeeeeeeeeew house." But we have no idea which house he's thinking of because there've been a few he's seen and called that since January. It was a strange feeling to talk with him about what he'd like about the new house and what some of his feelings might be. It was one of those times where we look at each other and trip out on the fact that we're the parents here.

The view from here today ... my printer is set up on a folding chair. Drafts of my column are scattered around my desk and I can't staple or paper clip them together because I packed all of my office supplies today. All 3 staplers and all 84,000 paper clips. for inspiration, there's a bouquet of mint from Matt tucked in a recycled applesauce jar, yep - packed the vases too.

Good news ... I got an email saying I got a first place SPJ award for my column but that's all I know so far.

This site made me laugh this weekend: Shit my Kids Ruined and this one inspired me Refurbiture  - be sure to check out her before and afters. To see her work in person, stop by the Saturday Market in McMinnville.