Playing the good mom, bad mom game
Missing: 500 square feet and other things

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We're officially moved!

 I keep looking around in amazement that we made it happen - with a little lot of help from our family and friends. Also, I'm looking around wondering where all this stuff is supposed to go. I love, love, love this house and visualized us living here every day since the first time I saw it-- but it's just now really sinking in that to move here I gave up: the best neighbors, a sweet little town where the utility clerk is nice, an extremely quiet neighborhood, a pantry, a laundry room and a huge master closet. Oh, and two extra bathrooms.

That list isn't to say I'm not ecstatic to be here, but rather to admit there are some things I'm missing and there are a few challenges ahead of me in terms of how to settle into this new space. I think Matt senses that poaching part, a small, small part of his shop is on our list of things to chat about ... in addition to answering the question: how many wine glasses do we really need?

For now, I'm trying to remember to set smaller goals for myself - so instead of "unpack" it's more like unpack these three boxes before Sam finishes picking up all the packing peanuts with his tongs - his idea.

"Uh-oh, Mama. I make big mess."

"Okay, buddy. Just clean it up."

"I need tongs." I think this is still from when I was pregnant with Jake. This entry explains it.

As far as how everyone is adjusting goes ... let's just say there are super moments, and other less super ones. Finding fennel in the garden - super. Car alarm going off at 3 a.m. - not super. Realizing that probably I should start locking my car doors all the time ... not at all super.

The boys are both doing great with sleeping at night and naps - and by great I mean the usual antics for Sam and nursing-on-demand for Jake, but still - all things considered I'm thankful for that. Lucy Brown on the other hand, seems to be having the hardest time of all. There are a lot more windows for her to see out of, lots more people and cars to see and bark at and nothing is where it is supposed to be. I know just how she feels!

I do need to find the vacuum cleaner before my little guys wake up because those tongs didn't quite get all of the mess picked up.