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Still pregnant

And now for something lighter...

And now for something a little less navel-gazey ... here are a few fun links for your Friday afternoon ...

For you readers, folks in the real-estate industry and those chronically checking out houses the way some people kick tires, check out Emily Chadwick's cool karma book giveaway: http://emilychadwick.wordpress.com/2010/08/10/the-thank-you-meghan-daum-giveaway/

You can win a copy of Meghan Daum's "Life Would Be Perfect if I Lived in That House" by requesting your local library and/or independent bookstore carry a copy.

And then for you crafty types ... join the back-to-school sew along - or at least admire the cool idea over at Penny Carnival:


And the post that made me understand {and want to} Twitter: http://www.diaryofanewmom.net/2010/08/twitter-ific.html

I lost track of my Google list, meaning I forgot to cut and paste searches and am not technologically clever enough to figure out the history, and really? Who cares? The few I did track:

X Road transfer station

Psalm 34:8

Williams Sonoma car pan

green chile sauce

The painted lady

Word for the tie off used when shooting drugs

Coleslaw recipes



NPR Meatless Monday

Molly Gloss