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I'm a planner-type. So when Matt suggested we take an impromptu vacation a few days later I kind of didn't respond the way he'd hoped. "Uh-uh. Can't." Then I offered up a list of reasons to justify my initial reaction. High on that list was the fact that traveling with two children under the age of 3 sounded as fun as morning sickness.

A few days later, we got the news that a cherished person in our family passed away with little warning. Without question, we made arrangements to head North to the memorial service to honor him and to support family and friends. Since we were packing anyway ... and since Matt was slower than ever before at work ... he brought up the vacation idea again. Fresh on my mind was the reality that life ends when you least expect it. With a few phone calls, a couple good friends stepping up to help water the yard and keep an eye on the house (Thanks Booker, Jackie & Quin) and taking in our darling dog for 10 days (Thanks George & Amy), our bags were packed and we took a 10 day road trip with only a vague idea of our plans. It was crazy awesome.

And, now, I'm delighted to be home. I love our little house, I adore my little family and am thankful for our many blessings. Plus, I can't wait to maybe get some sleep.

ps after aforementioned sleep, I'll post a little diary of our road trip with pictures ... well, after I find my camera, and unpack, and ...