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Happy Friday! Before I share my Google list for the week, here's something you can't find on Google, until after I post this: Thailadas.

That's what we had for dinner last night. The week started with one dinner disaster followed by another until Wednesday I made a relatively successful stir fry. By "I" I mean Matt. I chopped the veggies and made the rice. He did the rest. So Thursday is our leftover night and you should've seen Matt's face when I told him I put the stir fry leftovers in a blender with the leftover rice, pureed the crap out it and folded them into tortillas.  I poured Thai peanut sauce on them (mixed with a can of lite coconut milk) and baked them for 20 minutes on 425 and served them with salad. It might sound totally disgusting but it was actually pretty good and way better than what I did Monday where Meatless Monday ended with the classic standby of sausage and leftover cabbage salad  because the veggie patties I stayed up making until 11:30 the night before wouldn't cook. At all. Plus they smelled bad. Supid mushrooms. Clearly, I missed an important step.

Then Tuesday, I thought "wouldn't it be fun to do a family fondue night?"

No. It wouldn't. Not with a toddler. What was I thinking?  It doesn't matter if the recipe says "easy" fondue, it's still a lot of spattering (scalding hot) cheese with spears ... Again, what was I thinking?

Clearly, I didn't Google enough recipes this week. But here's a partial list of what I did Google - I kept forgetting to keep track:

breastfeeding symbol

hungarian translation dictionary

strain turns into?

Boys names

Natural  health food stores Newberg

pain in right side when sneezing and coughing

pain in lower right quadrant of stomach when sneezing

spider bites

carlton city hall

Emily Puro

natural treatment for diaper rash

how to make magnetic paper dolls

How about you?